Anyone For Cage Cricket?

Anyone For Cage Cricket?

Our friends at Bransgore Cricket club have asked us to advertise to see if anyon is interested in playing or starting up a club in Cage Cricket. Here is some basic information about Cage Cricket:

Cage Cricket is the only form of competitive cricket that is played as an individual and has the same format across all levels.It is a relatively new form of cricket and is played within an enclosed space with 6 players rotating round the positions, one of which involves keeping the score on the scoreboard attached to the wall of the cage.
A player scores, or loses, individual points when batting, fielding or bowling. No running is required as the aim is to score individual points by hitting the ball against the cage wall, catching the ball or bowling someone out. Even if “bowled out” you still remain in the game until you have played all the positions. Positions are kept for one Over, (6 bowls) then everyone rotates in a set pattern.

It makes so much more sense if you see it being played and you keep your individual scores on an App which is world wide.

For More information please visit as well as looking for Cage Cricket videos on You Tube. If you require any more info please contact

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