2019 U16’s Tour -Destination TBC!

Form to be filled in by parent.

Dietary / Allergies

Emergency contact details (not travelling)


I agree to my son attending the proposed football tour

I can confirm that my child is a confident swimmer and able to participate in water based activities.

I am happy for my son to participate in activities on the holiday park (eg swimming pool) which may be unsupervised by representatives of Bransgore Youth FC

Player code of conduct
You must: • treat others with the same respect and fairness that you would like them to show you. • demonstrate fair play on and off the field. • look out for the welfare of yourself and others. • challenge behaviour which is not okay. • talk to a member of staff if you have a concern. • be on time when meeting the team. • listen to all adults on the tour. • not leave the site for any reason unless accompanied by a member of staff.

Players must not
• smoke. • swear or use inappropriate language. • engage in sexual behaviour. • consume alcohol or illegal drugs.

I have assured my son is aware of the above things he should and shouldn't do and he has agreed to abide by the rules

I accept that should he be found to be doing the things he should not be doing (above) then this will result in my son being either sent home early or I will arrange for him to be collected at my expense.

I have assured that he understands the importance of his safety and the safety of the group by complying with the rules and instructions given by the parents in charge

I accept that I may be required to bear the cost of any loss or damage caused by the above named people travelling which is not covered by insurance.

I agree that during the activities photographs can be taken of which my child may be included and I agree to these photographs to be used by the club.

Please note:
the cost of the trip is based on the numbers we have going. If anyone was to cancel and we are unable to fulfil their place then they would be liable for the whole cost of their trip and not just money already paid.

I confirm that should the above named people travelling pull out of the tour then they will still pay the cost of their tour should a replacement not be found.

I understand that these images may be used for club publicity purposes.

I confirm that I have answered all the above to the best of my knowledge.

I have read and accept the Privacy Policy and consent to Bransgore Youth F.C contacting me about my enquiry.

I consent to Bransgore Youth F.C contacting me with future updates.

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Parents / Volunteers

Volunteers and parents are needed to support the committee officers in the running the club and to help run the events that we under take during the course of the year.