Qualified Coaches

Bransgore Youth F.C. feels it is important that all players have access to the necessary equipment and attention from the coaching team. We will strive to ensure that every player has what they need to be fully involved and have maximum enjoyment this includes the simplest of things such as every player having a ball to train with through to a target of not being in a group greater than 15 per coach. This is why we are inviting new players in line with our increase in the members of the coaching team.

We are proud of our vast number of qualified coaches throughout the club and continue to expand our qualified coaching team.

At present players have access to the following team of qualified coaches:

Under 7s Jordan Hickson (Level 1)
Under 8s Darren Dinnage (Level 2)
Under 9s: Tim Davis (Level 1)
Under 10s: Dom Taylor (Level 1)
Under 11s:: Simon Philps (Level 1)
Under 12s Dave Robbins (Level 1) Clive Jackson (Level 1)
Under 13s:: Steve Barnett (Level 1) Martin Sheehan (Level 1)
Under 14s:
Under 15s: Nick Eames (Level 1) Richard Baker (Level 1) Stephen Boyes (Level 1)